IJSY Feature Vendor: Tropical Weddings Jamaica

unnamed 225x300 IJSY Feature Vendor:  Tropical Weddings JamaicaStart your lifetime memories in the ultimate location where we provide weddings,  renewal of vows, reception catering, cruise ship shoreside elopements and customizable wedding packages thats not confined to a resort  or package, its all up to you, with exclusive wedding planning service in a personal, naturally beautiful, pampering setting that redefines and  will undoubtedly bring you to  rediscover the connection that first brought you together.

With Tropical Weddings Jamaica, it’s absolutely an irresistible invitation to indulge in life’s extraordinary pleasures….Good Value, Excellent Services, Stunning Locations; Gracious Hospitality ~ awaits you…. www.tropicalweddingsjamaica.com

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IJSY Guest Blog Melissa Page: The Rules of Wedding Gift Giving & Receiving

The Rules of Wedding Gift Giving and Receiving


1416350 gift 150x150 IJSY Guest Blog Melissa Page:  The Rules of Wedding Gift Giving & ReceivingOne of the most exciting parts of a wedding is gift giving and receiving. This is an important tradition both for the couples receiving the gift and the friends and family who will be choosing one for them. It can also be a daunting task as a few rules are associated with it. Here are the basic etiquette of giving and receiving wedding gifts:

Cash gifts are easier to give and especially more convenient to receive.

However, it is still considered impolite to indicate ‘cash only’ or any fancier versions in the wedding invitation. If you would rather accept cash than gravy boats, the acceptable way to let your guests know is have your closest friends and family get word around that envelopes are preferable to hefty gift boxes. This goes without saying that subtlety is important when trying to pull this off.

Variety and reason are two very important components in a registry.

You need variety in your registry so that your guests have options in what to give you. Have a good mix of different items at different price tags so that you friends and family will be comfortable and excited with the gifts they are giving. Also, be reasonable in asking. Specific, non-traditional items like electronic gadgets or sports gears are a great guide for your guests but always avoid asking for over indulgent items.

No need to open the gifts at the presence of the givers.

It may seem traditional, but opening gifts at the reception for everyone to see your pleased expressions are no longer necessary.

In the event that the wedding is cancelled, it is required for the couple to return gifts.

A note, that is short and discreet, should be included as an explanation. Personalized gifts need not be returned even if the wedding does not push through.

When giving a gift that is to be part of the wedding, make sure to consult the bride and groom about its full details.

If you would like to take care of the flowers as a wedding gift, make sure to run it by the couple and the decorator so that it is included in the wedding planning and will fit right in to the whole motif. If you are generous enough to shoulder a DJ or a Scottish wedding band, make sure playlists are pre-approved by the couple.

Write a “Thank You” note.

Writing a Thank You note is an absolute must whether you have taken the time to thank the giver in person or not. Express gratitude in your note and always mention the item that you have received. This will make the note personalized instead of sending generic ones.

Wedding gifts are a part of wedding tradition because it shows the love and support friends and family have for the bride and groom. The cost and the kind of gifts are often irrelevant. At the end of the day the two most important things are the thought put into giving gifts and the appreciation showed when receiving them.

About the author: Melissa Page is a professional writer who loves everything about weddings. She blogs for Music for Scotland Ltd, a premier live music agency who represents reputable DJs, classical musicians and talented wedding bands across Scotland. When she’s not busy writing, she hangs out with her friends in a coffee shop. She also loves traveling, bowling, and books.

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Wedding Flower Tips and Savings

Wedding bouquet 2 150x150 Wedding Flower Tips and Savings
Real or Fake Flowers?

Ahhh….the beautiful look and scent of flowers.  It’s so elegant to see a wedding set up with flowers in vibrant colors to match your wedding theme.  The aroma when you walk into the room feels as if you are entering a spa.

Flowers can be very costly but there are ways you can save money.  Always try to select flowers that are in season.  For the ceremony you will need personal flowers, i.e. bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, and mother of the bride and groom, boutonnieres for the groom, father of the bride/groom, all groomsmen and sometimes grandparents too.    If you decide to purchase large arrangements for the ceremony ensure that someone has them moved to the reception venue.  If you are going to spend the money on ceremony florals then make sure you can re-use them somewhere in your reception hall

Once you have chosen the type of floral arrangements for your wedding reception you can cut down your cost by placing the flowers at every other or every 3rd guest table.  For the table without the florals provide a beautiful tall glass holder with floating candle.  This alone will save your budget by half and actually looks really nice with alternating centerpieces. Just a quick tip….if you want your guests to be able to see each other across the table, the centerpieces should either be above or below eye level, or about 14 inches.

If you select a wedding date around a Holiday remember that most venues have decor already done so that will definitely save you money as well.  You may have to provide minimum decor.

If real flowers are just not in your budget then try to arrange your own centerpieces with silk.  You won’t believe how some arrangements look so real but it is not until you touch them that you realize it’s silk.

Do your investigative work before you go and look around.  Know the type of flowers, what’s in season and rough idea on costs.    Surf the net, read wedding books and ask friends and family for referrals.  Then, shop around to various florist shops in your area and explain what you are looking for and don’t forget to check the larger grocery store chains.  Some of their floral arrangements will surprise you!

Wedding flowers 150x150 Wedding Flower Tips and Savings

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IJSY Feature Vendor: Historic Kent Manor Inn

Celebrate your love and commitment with a memorable waterfront 554671 457436047710795 1435017050 n 150x150 IJSY Feature Vendor:  Historic Kent Manor Innwedding at Historic Kent Manor Inn.

Historic Kent Manor Inn sits at the end of a mile-long tree-lined drive on 220 acres along the shores of Thompson Creek. Located on Kent Island on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the inn is just 30 minutes from Annapolis. The historic manor presents the perfect opportunity to make your rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception an occasion that will shine in your memory for decades to come.”

562049 196909343763468 233007341 n 150x150 IJSY Feature Vendor:  Historic Kent Manor InnImagine a waterfront ceremony and a reception in the glass-enclosed octagonal Garden House and a complimentary bridal suite. The elegantly decorated space, designed specifically to accommodate a variety of events, has an elevated dance floor, a built-in bar area and table seating for up to 150 people. Additional space is available on the adjacent South Lawn for rented tents which can accommodate up to 300 guests.

An experienced “day-of” wedding coordinator will help organize your special event from rehearsal dinner to reception  as well as work with all of your vendors, and assist in any decor to bring your day vision to life.  It’s all designed to create a worry-free wedding.

Visit us athttps://www.facebook.com/kentmanorinnweddings

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