Sending Out Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding invitations 150x150 Sending Out Your Wedding Thank You CardsThe wedding reception of your dreams is now over and it’s time to get back to a normal way of life.  You will have so many memories that will last a lifetime.  All of your family and friends were there to share this special day with you.  All guests either bought you a present or gave a gift of money.

It is always proper etiquette to thank anyone who gives you a gift.  This would not be any different for your wedding guests.  You must take the time out of your busy schedule to sit down and write thank you notes to each and every person that gave you a gift.  It is so important to try and add a personal note to each guest thanking them for the exact item they gave you.  It shows this is not a generic note but was personalized especially for them.

If there is one thing I would say is please…please….please….do not wait too long to send out your thank you’s.  As soon as you come home from your honeymoon start working on them and get them in the mail.  Thank you cards should not be sent 6 months after a wedding.  Do it while it is fresh in your mind so try to send your cards no more than a month after the reception.

Before the wedding you may already have your thank you cards as part of your invitation package.  Start addressing them and purchase the stamps before the wedding.  Set them aside so after the wedding you just have to write the note.  I mailed all my thank you cards two weeks after the reception.  You would not believe how many comments I received on how surprised people were to have received them so quickly.   If you want to take it a step further it’s also very thoughtful to send a thank you note to your mom, dad, siblings and bridal party.  Family is very important and through the  wedding planning  I am sure they were by your side the whole time.

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Choosing Your Wedding Colors for 2015


8e0e5d60b992566be907b2b8faede487 175x300 Choosing Your Wedding Colors for 2015Choosing the perfect colors for your wedding reception may seem like a daunting task, but these days, it’s actually easier than ever!  You can easily coordinate your colors with the invitations, wedding cake, centerpieces, name cards, linens and more, as colors are becoming more popular in almost every aspect of the decor.

Weddings held during a particular season or time of year could easily be reflected in the colors   Although marsala is being listed as a big trend for this year that does not mean other colors are not popular too.

Spring:  You will still see an abundance of bright citrus colors, greens and blue to promise of a happy summer.

Summer:  Bold, bright colors will always be popular.  Remember, it’s all about fun!

Fall:  Try to use colors of the changing leaves such as crimson, orange, yellow, gold or eggplant.  Experiment with different  shades of brown – chocolate, cinnamon, and chestnut are all-time favorites.  Emerald green should also be big for this year.

Winter:  You may aim for a cozy Christmas theme using red, green and gold. Another great idea is creating a winter wonderland of glistening silver, black, white, and ice blue.

A few funky variations on these simple ideas are always welcome. Vintage, rustic still going strong.  Bold shades placed together may not be traditional but they are certainly charming; chocolate brown and turquoise, tangerine and green, or royal blue and yellow can look amazing, if done tastefully.  Let’s not forget the forever popular black-and-white, but try to add a vibrant splash of color to mix things up.  If you desire traditional and simple decor, then I would recommend using colored lighting, which can be absolutely stunning.

Before making any color scheme decisions, always consider your venue.  For example, a country club already decorated in gold and navy will most likely not go well with your own bright red and orange decor.  Look at all available colors and don’t be afraid to take paint samples or fabric swatches to the venue so you can test out different combinations.  Try to take a peek at a few different wedding set-ups so you can see for yourself what looks best!

The most important thing to decide is what kind of wedding you are looking for.  Colors will surely define the mood – whether it be elegant and black-tie, fun and care-free, or any theme you choose.  In the past few years the styles and types of weddings have become crazier and wilder then ever. Times are changing, and anything goes! The days of the plain white dress are changing too – experiment with colored sashes or, if you are daring, toss the idea of a white dress aside.   In fact, you name the color, and it can probably be made!

The ultimate goal is to create a happy atmosphere for your special day, so be sure to choose what ever makes you feel comfortable.  Whether you decide on traditional or unique, giving things a bit of thought is sure to create a night to remember for everyone!

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What to do with Out of Town Guests Between Ceremony & Reception

For some weddings the ceremony is held earlier during the day allowing the happy married couple and their immediate families to take photos.  During this time your out of town guests will need a place to go.

Depending on how much time is in between the ceremony and reception you do need to consider one thing; what to do with your out-of-town guests.  You are certainly not solely responsible for them but if there is only a few hours in between the service and reception it is a nice gesture to provide something for them.

Family members may open their home with some light snacks and refreshments but making this a lot of work for either the bride or groom’s parents.  If you have booked  hotel rooms perhaps you can look at renting a  larger  hotel suite to invite the guests back to you.  You also have the option of doing a small get together at the venue itself with offering some food and beverage, preferable in a different room other than your reception hall.

This may be an added expense for you but your guests have paid for transportation and hotel rooms to be at your wedding so it would be a very nice gesture on your part.  If this is not something you can afford then provide a list of attractions, cool cafe’s or shopping malls that they can visit or explore.

It’s all about welcoming your guests so making it comfortable and enjoyable should be your main concern not only for your out-of-town guests but for all of your guests!  They will certainlly appreciate!



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Walking Down the Aisle with Both Mom & Dad

1757327594 df19c04492 150x150 Walking Down the Aisle with Both Mom & DadAre you walking down the aisle with your dad, mom or both?

Some traditions may never change, but the idea of a bride walking down the aisle with her dad has taken a different direction.   Usually, the mother of the bride is walked in by the best man or the groom himself which means the bride and her father are next.  Yes, you are daddy’s girl and always will be, but how about all the nurturing you have received from your mom over the years?

Many brides are now considering or deciding to ask their mom and dad to walk them down the aisle.  They feel both parents have played an equally important role in their life and are both deserving of this special moment.

There are still a few questions they may have, because the role is so traditional. If you are worried then there are always other options.  You can walk with your dad to start and then your mom meets you half way or all three of you can walk down the aisle, your mom takes a seat and your dad brings you to your future husband.  I have heard some critics say that if a mother walks with the bride it will take the focus away from the bride.  I can’t agree with this statement because a bride will definitely be the centre of the attention all day, no matter what.

There is no right or wrong answer here.  If you want both your mom and dad to walk you down that aisle then go for it.  Your father will certainly not be disappointed and your mom will be very touched.  Remember, you always have that very special father and daughter dance!

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