How to Ask Your Family to Help with Wedding Costs

wedding money How to Ask Your Family to Help with Wedding CostsHow do you ask your family to help out with some of the wedding bills?  By the time you add up the dress, limo,  venue and caterer, flowers, music, photographer, wedding cake, and so much more,  you will be amazed at your final tally.

First and most important rule is don’t spend more than you can afford.  A very nice and elegant wedding can be done on a budget.

In the past, parents of the bride would traditionally pay for the wedding while the groom’s parents took care of the rehearsal dinner.  Boy, has this changed.  More and more couples are paying for the wedding on their own and finding it very difficult to stay within their budget.  What can you do for help?

Obviously both sets of parents are going to contribute some type of monetary gift to the wedding.  The best thing you can do is set out a budget, put down all the items you would like to have and attach a cost associated with it.   Once this has been completed then set up a night with both sets of parents to let me know where you stand and areas you may need assistance in.  “Old school” parents want to see everything on paper and know exactly what you are spending.  See what their reactions are like because they may come out and say they are going to contribute a certain dollar amount.  If they don’ t say anything at all then you should approach the topic carefully and ask if they would help with a couple of things.

You know what financial situation your families are in so if you feel this would put too much pressure on them don’t ask for help and let them come to you.  Keep in mind though if you are asking for help they will have something to say about certain costs and you will most likely hear “do you really need that”?

If you are one of those lucky brides where Daddy is paying for it all then that is great.   If things don’t work out that way and you both are paying for the entire bill, you will receive gifts of money from your guests that you can certainly put towards all of your purchases.  Having a wedding is not a way to make money anymore.  Most couples are just happy to break even and enjoy the  celebration!

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Choosing the right Decorator

Wedding winter wonderland 150x150 Choosing the right DecoratorThe wedding is one of the most important days of your life and when you are engaged all sort of ideas go through your head.  You think of the venue you want, the invited guest list, your colour theme and menu.   While some brides will opt to do their own decor with the help of family and friends, many will choose to hire a decorator.

There is so much time and energy involved in planning a wedding that hiring a decorator is extremely helpful to put all your visions together.  How to look for a decorator?  Take the opportunity to go to various wedding shows as many decorators set up a booth and ask  family or friends for referrals.  Once you have narrowed down your selections (hopefully only 2-3), set up an appointment to meet with them.  It is very important that you connect right away with them on a personal level and they understand what you are looking for.   Ask to see samples of their work and find out where their next wedding set up will be so you can take a peek.  Provide them with what type of theme you are interested in and always provide them with a budget.  You don’t want to fall in love with chiavari chairs only to found out you can only afford seat covers.

There are many decorators out there so do your homework.  Find someone who is very reputable and has been in the business for a long time.  I have heard horror stories of brides signing up with a decorator that was new and offering very inexpensive prices but did not come through for the wedding.  Go over the entire cost and make sure there will be no added charges to your quote.

Once you have chosen your decorator, ask if he/she can do a mock set up in your venue with the linens, centerpieces and seat covers you are interested in.  Sometimes what you see in the store does not look as good in your venue.  I have many brides that will have their decorator bring in two sample colours and are sometimes happy they did!  They end up picking the color they never thought would match their hall.

If you choose this, you won’t have to worry about asking someone to take care of any of these details, so the bridal party and family can just relax and get ready for the big day.   A wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you want everything to run smoothly and be as perfect as possible.

Depending on your budget, perhaps this is an expense you cannot afford.  I will tell you, however, that the peace of mind you will have is worth the fee.

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How to Choose the Dresses for your Bridesmaids

dressy 150x150 How to Choose the Dresses for your BridesmaidsFinding the perfect dress for your bridesmaids can be a daunting task. Depending on how many girls you have you need to choose a gown that best compliments all of them.  Look for dresses that flatter the different shapes and sizes of your bridesmaids.  Empire waists and A-line or princess skirts will tend to suit most.

Everyone has different financial situations so when looking for gowns try to select ones that are reasonably priced.   You will get a sense from the girls if the cost is too high.   Make note of the gowns they tried on and the cost.  This way you can sit down with them and ask what is their budget.  These girls are most likely your sisters or very close friends so it should not be awkward to discuss with them.  Most will pay for their own dress but many bride’s do like to cover the cost of the jewellery, shoes or hair and make-up as their gift to the girls.

Once you have decided on your own theme and color then you can start looking for the bridesmaid dresses that would compliment and enhance your wedding dress as well.   Long, short, off shoulder, v-neck, we are seeing all different styles on the wedding scene.  The monochromatic look is still popular but the dresses are being accented with bold accessories such as coloured shoes, bulkier jewelery and unique bouquets.  Now, you are even seeing more of each bridesmaid wearing a different style and color.

Take the girls shopping or go through wedding magazine while sitting around your home one evening and see what they all like and can agree on. The last thing you want is for them to purchase a dress they dislike but most importantly, feel very uncomfortable in.  Be conscientious of everyone’s feelings so the end result will be a happy one.

Yes, it is your wedding but be considerate when choosing a bridesmaid dress.  It is very expensive for many to purchase the dress, shoes, accessories and have their hair and makeup done.  Try to be fair and set a realistic budget for them to spend and if you choose something a little more than expected it is a nice idea to pay for the difference.

Bridesmaid Dress Images by:  Dressy Girl Kouture


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