Are Bridal Shows Worth Attending?

imagesCAG8FRTK Are Bridal Shows Worth Attending?Bridal shows are presented all over the world and are designed to provide the bride with many options and ideas for her big day.  Are they worth attending?  Absolutely, they are!  It is a chance for you to see the hottest trends, colours and designs available.  You get to meet so many vendors and  have a one-on-one conversation with them.

With such a captive audience, most vendors want to display their very best.  They usually offer great deals or upgrades if you book with them.  Having said this, always make sure to follow-up with that vendor after the show and never give a deposit without a contract in return.

Many vendors will also have great door prizes or a draw at their booth.  I would suggest bringing pre-labelled addresses so you can just stick your label on the ballot.  This will save time and energy, and give you more time to check out the goodies!

When registering for a bridal show, a database is formed so be aware that you will most likely receive a follow-up letter or emails following the show.  You may be inundated with emails and it may seem like a nuisance but you never know what kind of further specials or deals these vendors may send you.   We strongly suggest to set up a separate email for all your wedding contacts.  This makes it so much easier for you to keep track of things and once the wedding is over you can delete your account if you choose.

Many brides either take their fiance, mother or bridesmaids along.  It is always fun to have friends to chat with to help you decide on ideas.   Make a fun day or night of it and head out for a meal after.  This will give you time at the table to review all the material  and goodies you may have received.

I would definitely recommend attending a bridal show or two at some point in your planning process.  The benefits could be greater than you’d imagine!

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Mother of Groom Wants to Help with Your Wedding Planning

ijsyimage1 Mother of Groom Wants to Help with Your Wedding PlanningMother of the Groom wants to help……what do you do when your future mother-in-law wants to help plan your wedding?

Weddings are a very stressful time for all involved and as difficult it can be between a bride and her own mother, there can be some tension when your future mother-in-law wants to participate.

Weddings are a joyous occasion and the mother of the bride will take part in many aspects of the wedding planning. You always hear “I’m the mother of the bride” as if it gives her the okay to take charge and yes she does have some say! If a disagreement should arise it is very easy for the bride to take her mom aside and have a heart to heart conversation.

When dealing with your future husbands mom you may have to tread a little lighter.   The wedding for her son is a very big deal for her as well and she wants to be part of his special day.  She will want to help out with whatever she can.  Do you make you feel wanted and comfortable?  Of course you do as you are now part of her family.  You may not want to give her too much to keep control on things but do pass on some smaller tasks such as making or boxing favours, helping with the invitations or perhaps baking some pastries for the reception.  She will be happy to help.

Your fiance will be also be happy that you included his mom and it will set a good tone for your future daughter-in-law / mother in law relationship.  Sure you may not agree with everything she does or says but if you have open communication you will be able to share your feelings.


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“Day Of” Wedding Coordinator Can Help Ease the Stress

imagesCA8M1036 150x150 Day Of Wedding Coordinator Can Help Ease the StressMany couples will select a family member or close friend to head to the venue site on the day of the wedding.  However, think about is this person in the wedding party or not (usually they are).  Do they really have time for last minute running around?

The venue you have selected most likely has a catering manager who can act as an event coordinator, but he or she will not be YOURS personally.  Many hotels and venues often have more than one wedding running at the same time.  It is very unlikely that the on-site event catering manager can take care of smaller details such as placement of favours, the cake knife, etc…  Their main concern is that the food and beverage and floor plan has been been provided as per your specifications.

Many companies or individuals offer a “day-of-wedding coordinator”.  They will be with you from the early morning making sure the girls and guys are getting ready and the vendors are on time with their services.  They will head over to the venue site and ensure all details have been met.  Floor pan will be checked, favours will be placed out, seating cards and table numbers are arranged, cake knife, guest book, pen and bride and groom glasses in place.

They will ensure the wedding cake and band or DJ have arrived and are set up in a timely manner.  The day-of coordinator will remain at the reception site to ensure all details have been met and trouble shoot any issues that may arise.  They can work as the liaison on the night of the reception with the floor manager on timing of receiving line, dinner, speeches and late night sweet table.  They will remain with you until the end of the night helping you pack up your items.

If you choose this, you won’t have to worry about asking someone to take care of any of these details, so the bridal party and family can just relax and get ready for the big day.   A wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you want everything to run smoothly and be as perfect as possible.

Depending on your budget, perhaps this is an expense you cannot afford.  I will tell you, however, that the peace of mind you will have is worth the fee.

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Importance of the Unity and Memory Candle

Wedding unity candle 150x150 Importance of the Unity and Memory Candle The lighting of the unity candle has become a very popular and symbolic tradition of a wedding .  For the ceremony, you will need two smaller candles and a larger one in the center.  You will both light each candle and then together light the center candle joining you as one.   Provide a smaller lit votive candle that you can use to light them.  wedding unity candle 2 Importance of the Unity and Memory Candle It is much more attractive than using a match or lighter.

A very nice touch is to have both mom’s light the two smaller candles right after they have walked down the aisle to be seated. Now, this ceremony is not only about the two of you becoming one but the union of both families.

The candles are usually white or ivory in colour and can be decorated with beading, flowers or ribbon.  It is always wise to check with your venue or ceremony site to make sure if the candles must be in a hurricane glass or votive to follow any fire regulation codes.

Assign someone after the ceremony to remove this candles and bring them to the reception site.  You can place them directly next to the guest book or right on the head table to light for dinner.

Unfortunately, there are some couples who have lost a father, mother, grandparent or close family member that would not be part of this celebration.  Ensure that you pay respect by placing a memory candle and picture of them with your unity candle.  What a great way to honour their life.

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