What to do with Out of Town Guests Between Ceremony & Reception

For some weddings the ceremony is held earlier during the day allowing the happy married couple and their immediate families to take photos.  During this time your out of town guests will need a place to go.

Depending on how much time is in between the ceremony and reception you do need to consider one thing; what to do with your out-of-town guests.  You are certainly not solely responsible for them but if there is only a few hours in between the service and reception it is a nice gesture to provide something for them.

Family members may open their home with some light snacks and refreshments but making this a lot of work for either the bride or groom’s parents.  If you have booked  hotel rooms perhaps you can look at renting a  larger  hotel suite to invite the guests back to you.  You also have the option of doing a small get together at the venue itself with offering some food and beverage, preferable in a different room other than your reception hall.

This may be an added expense for you but your guests have paid for transportation and hotel rooms to be at your wedding so it would be a very nice gesture on your part.  If this is not something you can afford then provide a list of attractions, cool cafe’s or shopping malls that they can visit or explore.

It’s all about welcoming your guests so making it comfortable and enjoyable should be your main concern not only for your out-of-town guests but for all of your guests!  They will certainlly appreciate!



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Choosing the right bridesmaids

Wedding bride and bridemaids Choosing the right bridesmaidsSelecting your  bridesmaids is a task that should be taken seriously, as you are going to choose your sisters or friends that are closest to you.  As you are celebrating in this amazing day, you will want these ladies standing right beside you. 

The number of bridesmaids can range from one to more than a dozen.  Remember though, the more you ask, the more chances there are for complications.  What I mean is, now you will have 12 different personalities to deal with and they all have to be in agreement on a dress, shoes,  and jewellery for instance.  That can be a difficult tasks as us ladies are very particular in what we wear.  Having said that, the more bridesmaids you have the more money it is going to cost you.

Who to ask?  Of course, your sister(s) would be the first and obvious choice.  From there you would look at your closest girlfriends that have been friends with you for a long time.  Sometimes this can be a hard choice especially if your groom only has 4 ushers but you have 5 very close friends.  Now adays, not all bridal parties are even on both sides due to this very reason.  Don’t forget to look at your sister-in-law as well.  If you have a friendship with her you may want to consider this option as well. The last thing you need is added family stress because you did not ask her.

One important thing to remember is not to feel any guilt.  You can’t have everyone in your bridal party and people understand that.   If there are a couple girls that you wanted to ask but did not have room for, give them other tasks that day to do for you.  They will appreciate the fact that you trust them to help out.

The bridal party sets the tone for the night so you want to make sure everyone is on board and upbeat.  They will spend from morning to night with you and your wedding album will be filled with their pictures.  Enjoy this time with them as they become a part of your new life with a new husband.

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Should I book my wedding on a Sunday?

calendar1 150x150 Should I book my wedding on a Sunday?If you have your heart set on a certain month in which to be married, be sure to start looking at venues early and getting some available dates because reception centers, country clubs, restaurants and wineries fill up fast.  If there is one venue that has always been your dream but offers no available Saturday dates, then you may just have to choose a Sunday night.

Booking a wedding on the traditional ‘day of rest’ has long been a taboo but it is clear that Sunday weddings are becoming more popular than ever.  More and more brides are choosing Sundays, especially if the day is followed by a holiday.  Traditionally, many people do not work on Sundays, so you can select anytime for the reception.  Some couples like to do a day luncheon or an evening reception.  Many brides send out a save-the-date card so the guests can be aware of the wedding far in advance and make the appropriate arrangements.

Ideally, having the ceremony and reception at the same location is more practical.  You can do an early ceremony around 2PM, followed by appetizers and cocktails with dinner served around 4:00.   The day will not be exhausting for the bride and the best part is, and you also won’t have to worry about what to do with the out-of -town guests in between the ceremony and reception.

Another great reason to book on a Sunday could be the prices.  Many vendors may give you a discount, as it will not be on a Saturday night.  A neat tip is to try and find out if there is a wedding booked on the Saturday night before your Sunday wedding.  If there is, find out who the decorator is and you might be able to “piggyback” – see if you can use any of the same decor.  The costs are less because of decreased take-down and set-up time, and I’ve seen this done many times.

The venue you select may also provide discounted meals or rentals for a Sunday booking.  Don’t be afraid to ask this question when you book.  You don’t need to have a late dinner worrying that guests may have to go to work the next day.  Everyone was given an invitation so they have had plenty notice of the wedding date  and some may have made adjustments to their schedules already.

So do not be afraid to book a Sunday wedding! It is becoming a common trend and the advantages could be greater than you think.

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Wedding Menu Tips for offering your Guests a Choice of Two Entree Selections

Wedding food entree Wedding Menu Tips for offering your Guests a Choice of Two Entree SelectionsWhat do most guests remember from a wedding? The food of course!

Approximately 3 months before the wedding you should sit down with your venue’s Catering Manager and discuss your menu options. Sometimes it is very hard to select that one main entree and hope that everyone likes it so more weddings are choosing to give their guests a choice of two entrees by selecting their meal in their RSVP card.

Is this a good idea? Absolutely it is, but you need to know the following before going this route: the most important thing is the reply card. If you are sending an invitation to a family of 2 or more, then you MUST have a line for each guest to fill out their name and what they would like to eat. This way you can make a spreadsheet with each guest’s name and their order when you present it to the Manager at the venue. The last thing you want is a reply card with 3 chicken and 2 fish and not knowing who is having what. It makes it very difficult on the Chef and wait staff the night of the wedding and you can run into some embarrassing situations.

Here is where your organizational skills come into play. You will have the spreadsheet completed after all RSVP’s are in. This spreadsheet is then sent to your Catering Manager. You will have the normal seating chart outside the room but you also need table cards at each guest seat identifying what their meal selection was. This will certainly help the wait staff when they first greet the guest table to confirm their pre-food order. This will also stop the guests who cannot remember what they ordered or who decide to change their mind at the last minute. You may ask…..what if the guests says his/her card is wrong? Well that’s when your spreadsheet comes in handy. The wait staff will write down the guest name and go back into the kitchen, look up that person’s name and order on the spreadsheet YOU originally provided.  Whatever is listed is what the staff will go by.  Trust me, people try anything to change their meal last minute.

The table place cards can be identified by different color, ie. red for fish and blue for steak. You could also use symbols, or coloured jewels to identify the food choice. Whichever idea you choose make sure to share the coding with your venue’s Food and Beverage staff.

This process is definitely more work for you but if it done properly the event will run very smoothly and all guests will receive their requested order. It’s also nice to give the guests this choice since so many people are now becoming vegetarian. Guests really appreciate it when the bride take their feelings into consideration.

What is the wedding all about but making your guests remember your wedding for years to come! Ultimately, this can save you money because you don’ t have to serve multiple meats trying to satisfy all palates.


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