Are Wedding Appetizers Necessary?

Wedding butler pass app Are Wedding Appetizers Necessary?  So many couples are spending money on appetizers prior to dinner service.  I personally love this idea and think it brings a level of elegance to the event. 

You can keep the cost down by having the wait staff butler pass these items.  You only need to order 2-3 pieces total per person.  Remember it’s just a  small sample and the dinner will be following shortly.  Most guests will only take one appetizer at a time.  The wait staff can stagger the service so as new guests arrive they can be waiting for them with trays of appetizers.  See if your reception venue has white gloves and if so ask for the wait staff to wear them during the cocktail hour. Very chic!

 Some brides want to display a large array of appetizers during the cocktail hour.  Once we go through the cost, I explain that this is far more expensive to do.  Once you display appetizers, you need to order double the amount.  As soon as you place small plates on that table, it’s a “free for all” and guests tend to take more than they should.  You could run out quickly.   In addition, the appetizer table may look beautiful for the first few guests but then it becomes messy and unattractive by the time half the guests have invaded it.  

What to serve?  There are so many ideas.  You can try to match your appetizers to your theme of the wedding.  You can also introduce some of your heritage by choosing one or two ethnic items.  Mix both cold and hot applications to give your guests a variety.  Another nice touch is to pass a “signature cocktail” along with the appetizers.  For a cool added feature, hire a jazz band to play during this time.

Depending on the items you select, you may be surprised what you can do within your budget and as I said go with the Butler passed service – very elegant and your guests will remember this wonderful start to the evening!


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Choosing to Wear a Pink Wedding Dress

kittychen couture1 209x300 Choosing to Wear a Pink Wedding DressWhite, the color dating back years as the color of all wedding dresses.  As trends come and go, some traditions stay the same while others are being tossed aside.  Many designers are showing wedding dresses in various colors. Would you wear a dress other than white or ivory?

The color of pink is known as the color which provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth, love and acceptance.  That sounds like a bride to me!  Pink is almost always the first color any little girl would receive after her birth.  Who would have thought that many years later a pink wedding dress would be on the fashion scene and the runways?  It has been said that  pink is becoming the new white.  Hmm… what do you think?

weddingdress 150x150 Choosing to Wear a Pink Wedding DressNot only will this color look stunning in your wedding photos but will complement your skin tones as there are a number of pink shades to choose from.  How cool would your pink dress look next to your new husband’s black or white tuxedo.  This look would certainly turn heads when you are first seen walking down the aisle.

There are no rules on choosing your wedding style and color preference.  Be different and daring and show off that beautiful pink wedding dress.  It is sure to get a bit of attention.

Images by:  Kittychen &

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How to Choose the Dresses for your Bridesmaids

dressy 150x150 How to Choose the Dresses for your BridesmaidsFinding the perfect dress for your bridesmaids can be a daunting task. Depending on how many girls you have you need to choose a gown that best compliments all of them.  Look for dresses that flatter the different shapes and sizes of your bridesmaids.  Empire waists and A-line or princess skirts will tend to suit most.

Everyone has different financial situations so when looking for gowns try to select ones that are reasonably priced.   You will get a sense from the girls if the cost is too high.   Make note of the gowns they tried on and the cost.  This way you can sit down with them and ask what is their budget.  These girls are most likely your sisters or very close friends so it should not be awkward to discuss with them.  Most will pay for their own dress but many bride’s do like to cover the cost of the jewellery, shoes or hair and make-up as their gift to the girls.

Once you have decided on your own theme and color then you can start looking for the bridesmaid dresses that would compliment and enhance your wedding dress as well.   Long, short, off shoulder, v-neck, we are seeing all different styles on the wedding scene.  The monochromatic look is still popular but the dresses are being accented with bold accessories such as coloured shoes, bulkier jewelery and unique bouquets.  Now, you are even seeing more of each bridesmaid wearing a different style and color.

Take the girls shopping or go through wedding magazine while sitting around your home one evening and see what they all like and can agree on. The last thing you want is for them to purchase a dress they dislike but most importantly, feel very uncomfortable in.  Be conscientious of everyone’s feelings so the end result will be a happy one.

Yes, it is your wedding but be considerate when choosing a bridesmaid dress.  It is very expensive for many to purchase the dress, shoes, accessories and have their hair and makeup done.  Try to be fair and set a realistic budget for them to spend and if you choose something a little more than expected it is a nice idea to pay for the difference.

Bridesmaid Dress Images by:  Dressy Girl Kouture


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Newly Married & Splitting Up the Holidays

christmas 150x150 Newly Married & Splitting Up the HolidaysThe holidays are just around the corner and the family gatherings and social functions are soon to begin.  But here comes the big question: as an engaged or newly married couple, how do you split your time between both families? 

You both probably have traditions that have taken place for years that you don’t want to miss.  How does one decide which family to spend it with? 

First and foremost, communication between the two of you is the most important thing.  Try not to involve your family members in this at first, because that is likely to cause more stress in making a decision.  Try to reach a common ground between the two of you and stick to it.

You must consider some factors when making your decision on where you will be for the holidays, such as where both families are located.  If they are all within the same city, then splitting your time should not be a huge issue.  You can do Christmas Eve at one home and Christmas Day at another.  If your family traditionally does Christmas Day but your fiance’s family does as well, then the decision becomes more difficult.  A second consideration is your ethnic background… I’m thinking My Big Fat Greek Wedding here.  Come on, you’ve all seen it! Family size and traditions play a huge part in holiday decision making.

Perhaps you can plan a daytime event such as a Christmas breakfast with one side of the family, so you can attend other festivities in the evening.  You could also try drinks and appetizers at one party, then head to the other for dinner and dessert.  It’s all about compromise and you certainly can make that happen.  Both sets of families will be understanding, even if mom may be a little sad to see her baby grow up.  I promise, true family will not be offended with your decision!

Another great solution is offering to host a Christmas Day party for the first time as a married couple and try to invite both sides of the family (assuming they all get along).  This will certainly help to avoid who you are choosing and is nice to bring both sides together.  Now, for the following year it may not be as difficult splitting the holidays.

If both of your families live far away from each other, then you need to discuss who you will spend your time with.  Of course, if the cost is astronomical to do both then you must pick one.  If there is a way to travel to both sets of parents, then choose one to spend Christmas with, and the other for New Year’s.

There are many holidays in a year, so don’t forget about events such as birthdays, Easter, or Thanksgiving, which you can alternate between families as well.  The most important thing is to share these special days with both sides of the family, because they are just as instrumental to the relationship as the couple themselves. 

As they say….when you marry, you marry the family!  So make these little moments count.


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