Outdooor Weddings and the Heat

Wedding Outdoor 150x150 Outdooor Weddings and the Heat
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Imagine it is a hot and humid day and the temperature reaches over 90 degrees.  What if you were having your wedding outside.   An outdoor wedding is just breathtaking but you must always be prepared for what mother nature may bring your way.   

I think the best thing you can do is let the guests know on the invitation that it will be held outdoors.  If they know they will  dress appropriately and pack some of their own things. 

Extreme heat and humidity can be very dangerous so have a plan in place if you are doing a Summer wedding.  If you want to have the ceremony and reception at the same location, perhaps consider doing it later on in the afternoon closer to 5:00PM and see where the sun will be at that time.  Set your seats away from the sun beaming in the guests eye and yours too!

Most likely you have rented a tent as protection from possible rain.  You can rent some large electrics fans that can be placed in a few corners inside the tent.  This will certainly help cool things down a bit.   As the guests start to arrive it is a nice gesture to have sun screen available to anyone who may want to use it.

Instead of purchasing a  favour for  each guest  why not have your name and wedding date put on chilled bottles of water?  A full bar will be available but alcohol is dehydrating so ensure to have a lot of fun drinks like mojitos or lemonade.   A soft serve ice cream machine would also be a cool idea.

For the ceremony you can make up programs out of fans or supply some umbrellas for the guest to shield themselves from the sun.   Work closely with your caterer to ensure you have a menu that will hold up well in heat.    For your wedding cake and pastries they will need to be placed in a coolor or require refrigeration.

If your dream is too hold a wedding outside then you must always have a back up plan and make sure your guests are comfortable.

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Wedding Timeline: Once You Say “Yes”

 org 150x150 Wedding Timeline: Once You Say YesI Just Said Yes!

As soon as you “say yes” there will be so many things going on your mind, so you want to get yourself organized.  Purchase a wedding book or a even a plain binder to keep track of all your wedding notes, bills, estimates and photos.

Planning a wedding is a lot of fun but does come with some stress and anxiety.  Here are some things you need to do first and then I have also provided a more detailed checklist below.

 Most importantly, set the date!

  • Determine where the ceremony will and reception will be
  • Determine how many guests you want (this could affect the type of venue you choose)
  • Determine the type of wedding you want (size, formality, style, color scheme)
  • Establish a budget (very important)
  • Select your invitations
  • Choose your bridal party
  • Start Shopping
  • Choose and secure a photographer
  • Choose and book your reception location
  • Select and secure your music
  • Begin choosing your wedding cake baker, videographer, and florist
  • Select your form of transportation for you and the bridal party
  • Think of honeymoon ideas

  Most vendors will require a deposit so make sure you carefully read through their contracts in the event you need to cancel or move the date.  All of the details can be worked out 3-4 months before the wedding but just make sure to secure the people you want early.  Once you select the venue, see when they will have weddings in-house so you can come by and view the set up.  This is so helpful seeing what colors, centerpieces, flow nicely in the reception centre.  Read wedding magazines and surf the internet to find some different and unique ideas.  

Attached is our more detailed wedding timeline: http://www.ijustsaidyes.com/?page_id=2103

Weddings are so much fun.  Enjoy, because your engagement will go by fast!!!!


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Bridezilla Warning Signs

Wedding stress Bridezilla Warning SignsThere is a bridezilla in every bride but the question remains if it is controlled or not. All of us have different personality types and perhaps that may play a role in becoming a bridezilla or not.  Any stressful situation can bring the worst out of us whether it’s a death, financial problems or planning a wedding.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives and you want everything to be perfect.  I guess the key word here is “perfection”.  To reach perfection is virtually impossible and we must learn to cope with some of the ups and downs that you will cross along the way.

Are you a bride in the green zone? Green being very relaxed and you just go with the flow.  You don’t obsess about the wedding 24/7  and openly accept help from others.  You know what you want and plan everything in it’s appropriate time  frame.

There are subtle warning signs of becoming a bridezilla which I call the yellow zone.  What are some of these signs you ask?  Well, do you think, live and breath wedding details?  Are you constantly on-line looking up information for hours on end? Do you find that you are spending less time with your fiance? Are you acting selfish and only talk about the wedding to every person you see or meet?  If you are answering yes to two or more of these questions you may be entering the yellow zone meaning “proceed with caution”.  If you don’t proceed with caution then you are allowing yourself to enter the red zone.

The red zone is full blown bridezilla tendencies and most likely you have gone to far.   Are you angry or edgy all the time? Has a bridesmaid dropped out from your wedding party?  Are you friends staying away from you more than usual?  Do you fight more with your fiance?  Are you having disagreements or changing vendors on a regular basis? Do you react very quickly to the slightest problem or change in your wedding planning?   If you have answered yes to two or more of these questions than you need to stop, take a deep breath and remember what your wedding is really all about.

As a wedding planner, I can tell within my first 10 minute consultation what type of bride she will be.  My job is to make them feel as comfortable as possible.  Since I am not part of their family, they find it very easy to speak with me about problems or questions as I will not judge them.

Brides, you don’t have to do it alone.   You don’t have to control every little detail.  Put some trust in your family, friends and fiance to help you along the way.  The more relaxed and calmer you are the better the wedding day will be.  Always remember….. if something  should go wrong, you are the only one who will knows as the guests were not privy to your planning process information.

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How to Ask Your Family to Help with Wedding Costs

wedding money How to Ask Your Family to Help with Wedding CostsHow do you ask your family to help out with some of the wedding bills?  By the time you add up the dress, limo,  venue and caterer, flowers, music, photographer, wedding cake, and so much more,  you will be amazed at your final tally.

First and most important rule is don’t spend more than you can afford.  A very nice and elegant wedding can be done on a budget.

In the past, parents of the bride would traditionally pay for the wedding while the groom’s parents took care of the rehearsal dinner.  Boy, has this changed.  More and more couples are paying for the wedding on their own and finding it very difficult to stay within their budget.  What can you do for help?

Obviously both sets of parents are going to contribute some type of monetary gift to the wedding.  The best thing you can do is set out a budget, put down all the items you would like to have and attach a cost associated with it.   Once this has been completed then set up a night with both sets of parents to let me know where you stand and areas you may need assistance in.  “Old school” parents want to see everything on paper and know exactly what you are spending.  See what their reactions are like because they may come out and say they are going to contribute a certain dollar amount.  If they don’ t say anything at all then you should approach the topic carefully and ask if they would help with a couple of things.

You know what financial situation your families are in so if you feel this would put too much pressure on them don’t ask for help and let them come to you.  Keep in mind though if you are asking for help they will have something to say about certain costs and you will most likely hear “do you really need that”?

If you are one of those lucky brides where Daddy is paying for it all then that is great.   If things don’t work out that way and you both are paying for the entire bill, you will receive gifts of money from your guests that you can certainly put towards all of your purchases.  Having a wedding is not a way to make money anymore.  Most couples are just happy to break even and enjoy the  celebration!

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