Digital or e Wedding Invitations

digitalinvitations 150x150 Digital or e Wedding InvitationsDigital or electronic wedding invitations….is this going to be the new trend for brides?  The use of personal electronics and social media is rapidly increasing with smart phones, tablets and laptops, all streaming to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google + (maybe) and MySpace (maybe just a few old aunts and uncles).   It is uncommon these days to find many people,  from young to old, that have not been actively participating in a social network or at the very least have an email address.

Let’s explore the idea of digital wedding invitations.  There are pro’s and con’s to everything so let’s take a look at both.


You will probably save time and money.  Invitation and postage costs can be outrageous and the time it takes to hand-write addresses are extreme without help.

All those things you used to photocopy and insert in traditional invitations (maps, hotel information) can be included, even by providing links.

You can be as creative as you want instead of just picking an invitation style and color of ink.

You may just save a tree or two.


Are you the traditionalist type of person and wants to send out the elegant wedding invitation?  There really is no substitute for a beautiful paper invitation.invitations2 150x150 Digital or e Wedding Invitations

Is it important for you and grandma to keep this invitation in a scrapbook to remember?  May sound silly, but are you really going to sit down with your daughters 10 or 20 years from now and pull out your memories on your iPhone?

What about compiling the email list.  You need to find out everyone’s email address and that may be a daunting task in itself.  As you start to compile your list you are faced with some guests who do not have email or even a computer?  What do you do then?

There is no doubt, an e-invitation would be spectacular!  You can personalize your own on-line wedding invitation with music,  pictures or video and give your itinerary for the day.  How impressive would it be to Google map the church, reception hall and hotels?  Provide links to the reception hall and maybe a link to Trip advisor for the hotels.  Create a wedding email account to manage RSVP’s just as if you were mailing out a paper invitation.

Ultimately, it is your decision on what type of invitation you want to provide.  As this digital idea may seem a little strange at first, I think times are a changing and it will become very popular in the years to come and more accepted.


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IJSY Guest Blog: 5 Ways Bridesmaids Can Personalize Their Looks

personalizedbridesmaids 150x150 IJSY Guest Blog:  5 Ways Bridesmaids Can Personalize Their LooksAside from the bride and the groom; bridesmaids are also the stars in a wedding. Just like the bride, bridesmaids are also expected to dress and look elegantly. Bridesmaids will usually depend on the bride to give them the ok on the color or style of their bridesmaid dresses but each bridesmaid can usually bring their own personality and their own looks by personalizing their style on the wedding day.

Personalizing your own looks as a bridesmaid can be really fun but remember you are NOT the bride and this is HER day, so be respectful of that as you agree to be a part of HER wedding day.

1. Jewelry  – Bridesmaids jewelry can be personalized with different colors, statement pieces, and still be elegant in the wedding photos. Matching sets of earrings, necklaces, or bracelets are a very affordable way to bring your personality to the wedding party.

2. Dyeable Shoes – Dyeable shoes are a perfect way to personalize the bridesmaid look. Of course, you can choose any dye color that will match the wedding motif, but also another idea would be different styles like strappy heels, comfortable flats, or sandals with the same dye color.

3. Hair Styles and Accessories – Many bridesmaids prefer styling their hair to what they KNOW looks good on them. Bridesmaids can add accessories like pearl combs or embellished shiny beads to their hair. Another beautiful trend is using fresh flowers in your hair.

4. Wedding Bouquets – Bridesmaids can design their own bouquets. They can use multiple types of flowers in a bouquet or add accessories like brooches, crystals and pearls to make it standout. Make sure the end bouquet complements the bridesmaid style and color.

5. Dress Style & Color – Gone are days when bridesmaids used to have the same colors and styles of dresses. Choosing a dress that matches your body shape and style will personalize your look. Again this is a big part of the bride’s decision and she will definitely have final say but with any of these tips you can be sure a little bit of your personality will be highlighted.

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Prenuptial Agreement for Couples

prenup 150x150 Prenuptial Agreement for CouplesA prenuptial agreement is a signed and notarized contract that spells out how a couple will handle their financial aspects of their marriage.  These agreements are not only for celebrities, those in high-profile positions, owners of large corporations and sports figures, but they can be for everyone.

You spend your entire life building your future and have been fortunate in your accomplishments.  You meet that special person who you fall in love with and want to marry.  Marriage is a bond of love, trust and honor between two people who share everything together – including money right? So, is signing a prenuptial agreement wrong?

Well, for some this can be a touchy subject.  Is it right to go into a marriage and disclose all of your finances with your newly fiance and ask for a pre-nup?  First, you should be honest so your spouse is aware of your finances.   Unfortunately, the divorce rate in our country is higher than ever and protecting your assets and your family assets is not a bad thing.  In the event of a divorce, everything has been outlined in a contract so it would simplify the legal side of things.

For many, the thought of a prenuptial agreement would be hurtful and unwarranted.  Do you have no trust that the marriage will survive and this agreement is only implying that the marriage will not work out? Do you feel that person you are marrying is out for your money?  It is a natural reaction to feel this way but each partner arrives with different (and sometimes complicated) circumstances to their financial situations and when a family business is involved, it makes things even more complicated.  What may be right for one couple may not be for another.

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