Wedding Napkins: Fold and Colour

bird of paradise 150x150 Wedding Napkins: Fold and Colour
Bird of Paradise

Napkins may not be something that immediately comes to mind when you begin your wedding planning, but always know that the right fold or colour at your reception can add that perfect pizzazz to your decor.  Many brides might not consider the amount of selection they have in choosing their napkins. Let’s look at colour first:

Some brides choose napkins in bold colours that compliment their decor while others prefer to keep the things simple and neutral.  If you have a splash of color in your centerpieces you, may want to keep the napkins a simple white or ivory.  Should you choose a candelabra or candles with no distinct colour, then choosing a napkin that compliments the colour of the table settings is your best option.  To make your napkins stand out on the table, highlight them by placing them in a wine or coffee cup at each place.  Remember, do not put the napkin in a water glass if the venue’s staff pours the water just prior to guest arrival.  Also, keep in mind a bold coloured napkin (scarlett, tangerine, purple) will be very noticeable in the room, especially if elevated in a glass.  Ask yourself: do you want to look at a sea of red when you walk into the venue?

Pocket fold 150x150 Wedding Napkins: Fold and ColourYou may not think twice about the napkin fold and some venues place them the same way for each event.  There are a variety of  folds and designs that can be created such as a fan, bird of paradise, pocket, flat, or tuxedo to name a few.  If you are planning to set out a menu card at each place, then slide it into the napkin’s tuxedo or pocket fold.  This looks extremely elegant.  If you don’t have a menu but are using assigned seating, take the name card and slip into the top of the napkin pocket fold so the guest can see their name before they take their seat.  If you are setting out a favour/wedding gift, you could place half the folded napkin on the table with the other end hanging over the table’s edge.  Simply place your favor on top of the center of the napkin.

Ask your catering manager to go over the colours and folds available to you.  Use the multitude of resources the Internet offers for some unique ideas – try a Google search or even check out some YouTube videos. Remember, try to be creative and have fun with your ideas.  All these ‘little touches’ do make a huge difference in the final setting of the table, so don’t overlook them!


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How To Choose Your Wedding Vendors

ijsy2 150x150 How To Choose Your Wedding VendorsYou have just said yes.  Now what?  You have to book all your vendors to coordinate the biggest day of your life!  Here are a few steps to help you along the way.

What do you need?  Ceremony location, venue or caterer, invitations, florist, decorator, transportation, music, photographer, wedding cake and your wedding dress and accessories. Some of you will already know a few vendors you may want to hire but it does not hurt to explore your options and get a few quotes, preferable 3 max.  Too many quotes will just confuse you even more.  You can attend various bridal shows, surf the net and visit social media pages like twitter and facebook when searching for vendors.

ijsyimage How To Choose Your Wedding VendorsWhat do you look for?  First and most importantly is the connection on a personal level between you and the vendor.  You will be in contact with them on a regular basis and must feel at ease and have trust in what they do.  Second, set a budget that is realistic and don’t mislead them into wanting the princess wedding when your budget does not warrant it.  All vendors will do their best to work within your budget and can make suggestions on giving up one thing for something else.  Third, referrals.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for any vendor.  Speak with other brides and see how their experiences were but I will caution you that sometimes one may give a bad review but there is always two sides to every story so don’t be afraid to mention this to the vendor.

Deposits, Payment & Contracts:  It is very important for you to ask what the deposit and final payments are and how they work.  Understand the contract so there are no surprises close to the wedding that will give you stress.  Don’t be afraid to sign the contract as it is a good thing not only for the vendor but also for the bride.  Just remember to read the fine print!

Trusting their judgement:  Now that all your vendors have been hired it’s time to have trust in their work and let them guide and assist you.  Remain in contact with them especially with any changes.  Make your relationship fun and before you know it, you will become friends.  I know that personally as I am still in contact with many of my past brides.

Enjoy your wedding planning because in a blink of an eye it will be over.


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Wedding Bridal Accessories

wedding purse Wedding Bridal Accessories
Love this purse

The invitations have gone out, limo has been ordered, the wedding dress is in the wedding neclace Wedding Bridal Accessoriesfinal fitting stage, the menu has been planned and the decor finalized.  In a couple of months the “big day” will finally be here. Have you done a checklist on all those little bridal accessories that can sometimes be forgotten in the planning process?  I am sure you didn’t forget to purchase your veil or headpiece but what about all those other little details.

What color and style shoes are you going to wear? Will you select running shoes with rhinestones,  flip flops with jewels, ballerina slippers, wedge or traditional sling back or pumps.  White is no longer the only choice as brides are looking for colored shoes such as red, hot pink, or purple to match their color theme.

Did you purchase your lipstick, eye make up, blush and eyeliner for this special occasion.  If you are not one to normally wear a lot of make-up, you should go for a trial session.   A little heavier application of make-up won’t hurt since you are going from early in the morning until wee hours of the night.  You want too look fresh and pretty throughout the whole day.  Remember, all eyes are on you!

What about jewelry for your wedding dress.  The design of your necklace with be affected by the neck of the wedding gown style.  Necklaces will look amazing with any off the shoulder or v-line or halter dress.   Depending on the style of the dress you may want to purchase  pearls or crystal earrings or perhaps there is a family heirloom that has been passed on and you may want to wear it as your something borrowed.  When possible try to match the necklace, earrings and bracelet as a set because it will  compliment the wedding dress so nicely.  A very elegant plain white purse with a rhinestone would be perfect.  You just need it for the so called wedding essentials such as lipstick, Kleenex, breath mints or gum.

All of this sounds like so much fun  and what girl doesn’t like to shop?  This is one shopping spree you don’t want to miss!

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Weddings Traditions: Do You Have to Follow Them?

Wedding Groom carrying bride Weddings Traditions:  Do You Have to Follow Them?Weddings traditions….you know the drill.  Walking down the aisle to Canon in D major, throwing the bouquet at the reception, have the garter belt removed… need I continue?

Some people think this is a necessary part of the wedding while others want to forgo these traditions, and find them overdone and a bit tacky.

There are many brides that dream about a classic fairytale wedding and the traditions that go hand-in-hand with it.  The veil over the face when walking down the aisle in a church, the throwing of rice or confetti, wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  A white wedding dress symbolizes purity and are traditionally the colour of choice.  Much time may be spent choosing the perfect wedding cake and ensuring a picture is taken when the bride and groom feed each other the first slice.

Though many brides still choose a more conventional wedding, today you will see a new generation of brides that are more likely to forgo these traditions.  More weddings are being held outside of the church.  Wedding dresses occasionally have coloured sashes and some brides even avoid white or ivory entirely.  Veils are being replaced by hair flowers and tiaras.  The dresses are becoming sexier and more revealing.  Some couples don’t even purchase a wedding cake.  The reception starts and no throwing of the bouquet or removal of a garter belt is even incorporated in the evening’s program.

Whether you decide on a conventional or modern wedding, just know that they are both completely acceptable.  The wedding guests are not going to question why the bouquet was not thrown or where the wedding cake is.  If someone was still confused about which to choose, I would suggest a tasteful mix of classic elegance with a modern twist – something different and exciting that your guests will remember.

Regardless of wedding tradition itself, in the end all that really matters is the love the bride and groom share with each other.

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