Wedding Thank You Speech By Bride & Groom


WeddingThankYou 150x150 Wedding Thank You Speech By Bride & GroomMany couples are very nervous about doing the wedding speech.  Write your speech in advance so you are prepared and have had a chance to rehearse.  If you choose to memorize everything then have a few index cards with reminder tips that you can refer too.   It’s always great to start off your speech with a cute joke.  It puts everyone in a great mood but most importantly will make you feel more relaxed.  Talk slowly and from your heart.  Everyone in that room is their for one reason and that reason is for the “two of you”.

You want to enjoy the night with dancing and fun so try to keep your speeches to a minimum. I know many people would like to say a few words especially the bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and of course the bride and groom (in this order).

You should assign a master of ceremonies for the night who welcomes your guests, gives out the so called “house rules”, and will introduce all the speakers.  To help speed things along many couples are choosing to do speeches during each meal course.  This is a great idea as the bridesmaids and ushers use this time to say a few words.  Keep in mind though that dinner service will continue so there may some noise.  The parents can make their way to the podium once they have finished their main course.  Not both mom and dads have to speak but it is a nice touch to have both standing at the podium. 

The bride and groom speech is usually said following the parents at the end of the main course or just after dessert has been served.  What do the bride/groom say? Well, this is the one speech that everyone really stays quiet for and listens too.   Remember to have a box of Kleenex on hand just in case.

Start by thanking your venue and service ( I like that) then thank all your guests for coming, especially the ones who traveled to be there. Thank your priest or minister, head table and anyone who may of assisted you in the wedding planning stages. Most importantly thank both your parents and family and then of course say something about each other and the excitement of your future together.

Speeches are a very important part of the reception but you do not want them to be more than 15-20 minutes.  There has been some weddings where they went on for over an hour and guests were starting to lose interest.  Adding a little humour to any speech will always capture the audiences attention.  Always do your best to keep the content appropriate for all audiences.

One cute thing I saw at one of my weddings… the end of the bride/groom’s speech, the MC usually tells everyone that the speeches have concluded and to enjoy the rest of the evening and have fun!.  This MC told the groom to put his hand on top of his wife’s hand. The MC then send, “that’s the last time you will have the upper hand”. It was great and all the guests were laughing. Nice way to end the speeches.


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